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Saves you time. It is a highly effective means of two-way communication with staff, mobile teams and customers.

Saves you money. It costs much less than general mail and is more readily accessed than email.

Is less intrusive than phoning. The message recipient decides when to open the message and whether or not to respond.

Is a fantastic loyalty tool. This interactive method of communication builds 'brand' and 'fan' loyalty. It is the preferred method of communication amongst young people. Its cool!

Gives you control over when your messages are sent. Send them immediately or delay sending them. Send the same message more than once or send a sequence of messages.

Shows the status of each message. By viewing the message log , you can check the time the message was sent , when it was recieved and whether or not the recipient replied.

Provides easy record keeping. Because text replies return to your PC as emails, keeping communication records is simple. Text messaging is the perfect solution when the information you wish to send must be written down by the recipient. e.g. addresses, phone numbers, policy numbers, vehicle registration numbers etc.

Allows you to rapidly gauge the effectiveness of a campaign. Because recipients can reply to your messages you are able to determine the number of responses and the repsonse time. You can develop a campaign targeted toward a specific audience.

SparkAll Dialhog services are compliant with the Unsolicited Electronic Messaging Act 2007.Vodafone
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