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Frequently Asked Questions - FAQ

Is Dialhog a re-seller of someone elses product?
No, Dialhog is an original text messaging service developed in New Zealand by the owners of the company.
Does Dialhog use 'junk' or 'international' SMS?
No, Dialhog uses the New Zealand Vodafone and Telecom network. This enables replies to be recieved to text messages and offers the best posssible reliability and service.
Can the message recipient reply to my message?
Yes. Dialhog provides two-way SMS communication. All replies are routed as emails to the computer which sent the message.
How many text messages can I send?
In theory you can send as many text messages as you want. You can send them immedately or have them sent later at the time of your choice. You can also send a sequence of messages if you wish. IMPORTANTLY, you must remember that any messages that are commercial marketing messages must offer the recipient the opportunity to 'opt out' of receiving future messages.
Does Dialhog support the sending of SPAM?
Definitely not! Dialhog customers must abide by the legal requirements operating within the country in which the message will be received. Companies and organisations found to be using the Dialhog web server to send SPAM will have their contract cancelled and be denied further access to the website.
If I sign up with Dialhog but then decide after several weeks that I want to cancel my contract. What then?
You will be charged for each month (including part month) you use the website as well as the cost of the text messages that you have sent. There is no cancellation penalty.
Does Dialhog offer telephone support?
Yes. New Zealanders can use the 0800 number to contact us free of charge.
How long does it take before I can start using the service?
Once you have met the Dialhog credit conditions you may begin using the service immediately.


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SparkAll Dialhog services are compliant with the Unsolicited Electronic Messaging Act 2007.Vodafone
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