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send messages to groupsSend Messages to Groups
offers businesses and organisations the ability to communicate with large numbers of employees or members at the same time. You can create groups of recipients and select those groups that will receive your messages.
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i-Merge Messaging
personalise your messagesPersonalise Your Messages
uses a unique field merging program that enables the same 'general message' to be sent to a large number of people while each text contains information that is personal to each recipient.

send a quick messageSend a Quick Message
Lets you send a single text message from your PC immediately.
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send scheduled messagesChoose When Your Messages Are Sent
allows you to send messages immediately or delay sending them until a later time and date of your choice.

send appointment remindersAppointment Reminders
is an excellent appointment reminders tool. Send text reminders to reduce missed appointments and improve customer service.
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send regular scheduled messagesRegular, Scheduled Messages
allows you to set up a message once which can then be repeatedly sent at regular intervals if required.

create your own message templatesMessage Templates
saves time when you intend sending the same message more than once or when you send a sequence of pre-timed messages.
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upload recipients from your databaseUpload Recipients from Your Database
offers you the choice of storing and managing your message recipients on Dialhog's secure web server or you can import a list of recipients from your database each time you want to send a message.

receive replies as emailsReceive Replies as Emails
allows recipients of your messages to send a text reply that is received as an email in your Inbox.
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message loggingMessage Logging
logs each message for accurate record keeping.

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