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Hills Signal Master

Hills Signal Master

Hills Signalmaster is one of NZ's leading suppliers and installers of antennas and satellite dishes. 

They have a large team of technicians on the road who need to know if changes are made to their job sheets.

Dialhog texting has now replaced phone calls. This is cheaper both for the company and the technicians, many of whom are contractors. It also saves writing down messages, as the text contains all the information they require.

Hills Signal Master mostly use the Instant Message function on the Dialhog website, which makes it easy to send a text immediately to a single recipient.

"As part of a busy company that deals with numerous technicians, and having to deal with a minimum of 50+ messages a day, Dialhog has provided me with an invaluable service.  I just can't begin to think what I would do if Dialhog was not a part of my day at work. Thumbs up to Dialhog!"

Ata Rongo
Hills Signal Master

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