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Dialhog's I.C.E. (In Case of Emergencies)


How would your organisation communicate with its employees or members if there was a Civil Defence or National Health emergency?

The power of text messaging means you can instantly communicate with everyone you need to. Nothing else will give you the same ability to communicate, when its needed most.

You need to prepare now - waiting till the emergency happens will mean you've left it too late.

Step 1

Prepare an Excel spreadsheet with details of your organisationís members

  1. The mobile number must be in the format 021234567 with a zero at the front. If your spreadsheet does not show the leading 0, format the Mobile Number column as text by using Format, Cells and selecting Text

  1. The Groups column is optional. Using it will let you optionally send a text to a particular group of people rather the whole organisation. For example Groups could be role based such as factory, office, sales, nurses, doctors, and could be location based such as Auckland, Wellington Christchurch. People can be members of more than one group. Do not use commas to separate if someone is in more than one group eg sales Wellington

  1. To save yourself data entry, you will probably be able to export to Excel if you run HR or payroll software that contains these details.

  1. Do not wait till you have the details of every last person in the organisation, itís easy to add more people at any time.

Step 2

Phone us on 0800 342 544 or click on the link below to send us your details by email.

We'll arrange a time to show you over the phone how to use the simple website, give you a one page set of instructions to include in your Disaster & Emergency Planning and you'll then be prepared In Case of Emergencies

Contact us now!

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