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Prefects at James Cook High School

James Cook High School

James Cook High School is a big school in culturally diverse South Auckland.

They deal with up to 100 absences per day, too many for the Attendance Registrar to contact by phone.

The school's daily absences are uploaded to the Dialhog website where the absentee information is merged into text message template so that each text message greets the parent by name and also has the name and form number of the absent pupil. The parents can then text back or phone to say if the absence is ok.

Texting has resulted in big improvements. The process takes about one minute so every parent is now informed about an absence. The pupils know this will happen and consequently think twice about bunking school!

"Dialhog is about communication - communication in a timely accurate method with our students' parents.  We are now able to do this with Dialhog, using a method that suits our parents- the mobile phone.

Parents appreciate our text messages advising of student absences and also reminders of other school events such as Report Evenings"


Maree Goldie
Administration Manager
James Cook High School


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