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appointment reminders  Appointment Reminders

makes it extremely quick and easy to send text reminders to your clients about their appointments. Your clients will thank you for the reminder and you will virtually eliminate "no-shows".

The appointments screen uses message templates to save you time. Just type the message that you want to send once and save it as a template. By using message templates you don't have to re-type the same message each time you send it. You can easily create your own templates or we can create them for you (see pricing).

appointment reminderHaving created your template/s each appointment reminder text takes only a few seconds and a few mouse clicks to set-up.

Firstly, to set up a template you decide how long before the appointment time you want the text messages to be sent - 2 days, 1 day, 12 hours, 2 hours - you choose. You can have several different message templates, each with their own timing prior to the appointment.

Then compose the message template that is used each time the message is sent using the merge fields to personalise it. We recommend that each message template include your business name, your client's name and details of their appointment - its time, and the day and date if the reminder is not going to be sent out on the same day as the appointment.

Example: Scissors Hairdressers want to send out appointment Reminder texts 2 hours before each appointment. They wish each text message to be personalised with their customer's First Name and their Appointment Time, so they include the {First Name} & {Appointment Time} i-Merge fields in the template.

The template would look like this:

appointment reminder template

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