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personalise your messages  Personalise Your Messages

Dialhog i-Merge Messaging - How to personalise your messages enables you to create personalised text messages by selecting fields of data from your database of recipients and merging the fields together with a general message to form a number of personal messages. Generally, the most common merge field of data would be each recipient's first name. As well as the common merge fields like 'first name', 'last name' and 'mobile number', you can create your own custom fields for inserting into messages.

Examples of Merge Fields:

Hi <<recipient's name>> the game this morning has been cancelled.

Hello <<recipient's name>> this is <<company name>> your vehicle registration <<registration number>> will expire on <<expiry date>>.

Dear <<title>><<care giver's name>><<pupil name>> from class <<class number>> has been marked absent today from <<school name>>.please text back reason for absence or phone.

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