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Prices exclude New Zealand Goods & Services Tax (GST)

Pay just NZ$24.95 per account per month to use the Dialhog web site as well as the cost of each text message sent.
Text message costs are volume dependent (see below) and calculated per calendar month.

Monthly txt volumes
1 - 1000 texts per month NZ$0.21 each
then ...
1001 - 5000 texts per mnth NZ$0.20 each
5001 - 20000 texts per mnth NZ$0.19 each

More than 20,000 texts per month - contact us.

Setup and training

Standard Set-Up & Training Fee
(45min to 1.5 hours) $195.00

Suitable for those users who will be regularly uploading from other databases.

(e.g. Schools sending text messages to parents about absent pupils etc.)

Quick Set-Up & Training Fee
( Up to 45 Min) $99.00

Suitable for those users wanting to send appointment reminders.

(e.g. Physiotherapists, hairdressers etc.)

Additional training will be charged at the rate of $60 per half hour

There is a no-obligation monthly contract and no cancellation penalty. Monthly rental to be paid in advance and text messaging costs to be paid in arrears. Dialhog reserves the right to change rates without notice.

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Login using secure mode
In case of emergencies

Within New Zealand

0800 342544

International calling
+64 21 755 427

SparkAll Dialhog services are compliant with the Unsolicited Electronic Messaging Act 2007.Vodafone
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