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Security Statement

Dialhog Limited has taken a number of measures to ensure that all personal information supplied to it as well as all transactional information, is protected to the highest standard.

Dialhog's messaging platform is hosted on a dedicated server within a secure data facility. The Dialhog servers utilise the latest RAID technology to achieve high availability. The application and all associated data is backed up regularly.

Dialhog uses Internet standard encryption technology referred to as SSL (secure sockets layer) to encrypt all communication between it and its users. We use 256 bit encryption which is the standard used by internet banking services. When you are logged on to our website you will see a padlock icon displayed at the bottom of each web page.

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Within New Zealand

0800 342544

International calling
+64 21 755 427

SparkAll Dialhog services are compliant with the Unsolicited Electronic Messaging Act 2007.Vodafone
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